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What is Email- Blast ?

An email blast can be the ideal way of reaching your business customers or organization members. Email blasting can be used to send out information about the company, special offers, product upgrades and so on. But it doesn't have to stop there. Something that is often overlooked is the fact that email is ideal for building and maintaining good customer relationships - but only if they feel that you really value them and don't take up their time by sending unsolicited spam. Otherwise, your email blast is likely to end up in the trash as soon as it arrives.

Ready to open the lines of communication?

Ready to open the lines of communication? Send & recieve with Email Marketing and Survey by emailblaster.com, and begin an ongoing dialogue with your customers, members, or clients. Email Marketing and Survey helps you build strong, lasting relationships.

With Email Marketing you can stay connected and get your message out. Survey lets customers communicate back to you—with new ideas and feedback to better understand and meet their needs. You'll gain a broader, more representative view of what customers or members really think about your products, services and communications.

  How it Work's......

We Create

We'll design a fantastic looking email to catch the eye of your audience. Our intuitive system lets you simply cut and paste your own words or images into the template. Have a template tweaked for free or commision us for a custom deisgn.

You Choose

You can easily convert existing lists and save as many as you like. People can even add themselves via your website.

You Send

Your message can be delivered whenever you choose to maximise impact. Just pick a date and time and we’ll confirm that your mail went when you wanted it to.